Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

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Solar Energy

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy: Who is called solar energy? what is this? And what is its use? Actually, solar energy is obtained by the sun’s rays. We know that the sun is a powerful source of energy and by installing solar energy, it can be utilized.

What is Solar Energy?

Solar Energy

Solar energy means that we get energy from the sun turned into electricity and used it in our homes and business. In today’s era of renewal, solar energy has become the main topic.

Do you know this interesting fact that with 1 hour of solar power we can meet the requirements of 1 year, but unfortunately we are only using 0.001% of this energy?

Solar technology is constantly improving, because of this, our ability to use the energy of the sun’s energy is increasing.

According to a report of the International Energy Agency (2017), the use of solar energy has increased rapidly and the rise in solar energy has been found to be higher than all other fuels.

The day is not far when we all get together to generate electricity and other benefits from solar energy.

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Solar Panel Working Method

Solar cells are made of silicon and cells together make solar energy. When photons collide with a solar cell, they lose electrons from their atoms.

When the positive and negative sides of the conductor cell are connected than an electrical circuit is formed and when electrons flow through such a circuit, electricity is generated.

Let’s see what the benefits and potential of solar energy can be.

Advantages of Solar Energy

Solar Panel

  • Solar Energy Is Pollution Free

During the generation of electricity or other energy sources, there is some pollution and it damages the environment by pollution. On the other hand, there is no such problem in the generation of solar energy.

  • Not Dependent on the Source of Other Energy

After coming into existence of solar energy and its increasing use, pressure on other energy sources has decreased, which is a good sign for the ecosystem and environment.

  • Non-Maintenance

Solar energy systems do not require much maintenance. Just cleanliness is required twice per year, but it should be taken care that cleanliness should be done only by experts who know this work very well.

Inverters are also a part of the system, which has to be changed in five to 10 years, i.e. There is very little expenditure on maintenance and repair work besides initial cost.

  • Safe Than Other

Solar energy is much safer than conventional electricity sources, whether it is use or maintenance and repair.

  • Renewable Energy

Solar energy is actually a source of renewable energy. It can be used in every corner of the world, i.e. it is always available. Unlike other sources of energy, solar energy is the source of never-ending energy.

  • Electricity Bills Cut

Since you will meet all your energy requirements by electricity produced by solar energy, this will give you relief from the heavy cost of electricity bills. How much you can save on your bill depends on your needs.

  • Maximum Use

Solar energy is used for various purposes. Electricity or heat (solar thermal) can generate anything by solar energy. Can deliver electricity to non-electric areas, use it in factories, supply clean water, can use homes for domestic work, and can be used for space satellites.

  • Technology Development

Successful use of solar power has led to an increase in industrial growth and there is a possibility of further progress in the future.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Solar Panel

  • Heavy Cost

The initial cost of buying a solar system can be very high, including the cost of solar panels, inverters, batteries, wiring, and installation.

The government is making efforts to reduce prices or develop solar energy in the future.

  • Demand For More Land

The more power you want to supply, the more solar panels will be required and enough space is required to install solar panels.

That means more area will be required for it, although solar panels can be installed on rooftops, but the space is not enough. Finding options for this problem too.

  • Weather Dependent

Since it is not possible to collect solar energy in the clouds and rainy days, due to this the solar panels prove useless in bad weather.

Even in very cold weather, when the sun does not come out, even then it is not able to do the work, even during the night energy is not available.

  • Solar Energy Storage Is Expensive

Solar energy can be used immediately or it can be stored in a battery. The energy stored can be used in the night, but experts believe that the method of collecting or storage is expensive, because you will be able to gather in the energy battery only when your solar system is connected to a device called grid.

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Solar energy is a great and excellent alternative to the rest of the energy sources, but the government needs to do more work in this direction so that the benefits of solar energy can be reached more and more easily to the general public and our environment remains healthy.

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